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Over a million children under the age of 5 die every year as a result of hunger.....Almost 200 Million children are under weight.....More then 800 million people know what it is like to go to bed hungry.....Please do not waste food......share it with the needy & hungry people………

Our Mission.

Combating Starvation and Deforestation Worldwide...

We supply "Sprout Salad Bar" project on a Turn-key bases that includes portable greenhouse, salad bar, training and supplies. Minimum requirement is one portable greenhouse Model GF60 and 10 Salad Bar Kiosks. This is a Bankable, profitable project and can be implemented for minority groups, handicapped people, Ex-servicemen's widowers, mid-day meal program for school children, unemployed women etc,. or simply for emergency food supply on a large scale.



Deaf & Mutes have tremendous problems in getting employment in office, factory, sales etc, due to their inability to communicate. This situation has created hopelessness in their lives and at certain point in time they live depressed and meaningless life. They feel neglected and burden on government, society and family for their maintenance. To help them live better life we have come up with the following project:


AquaGreen Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad and Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc, Toronto, Canada are manufacturing and marketing US & Canadian patented solar powered portable greenhouse to grow various crops organically and by hydroponics systems. The portable greenhouses are specially developed for rural development.

Greenfield Foundation, a Public Trust is appointed as a NGO to train farmers and users of the technology and implement turn-key projects developed by Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc.; and AquaGreen Biotech Pvt. Ltd. to create employment.

School For Deaf & Mutes Society, Ahmedabad, Gujarat State is one of the oldest institutes in India dedicated to educate deaf and mutes who will assist Greenfield to recruit Deaf & Mutes as a subcontractor to create employment.


AquaGreen Biotech will supply specially developed Kiosk, assorted types of sprouts and Oyster mushrooms etc to be sold on the Kiosk “Nutri Sprouts Salad Bar” at a reasonable price.

Greenfield Foundation in association with School of Deaf-Mutes Society will create finance that is required to build these Kiosks through government programs, subsidies, loans provided by the banks either under their public trust or beneficiaries.  Based on the availability of finance and sales one or two people will work at each Kiosk. Deaf-Mutes will be hired as an employee or sub contractor to work at these Kiosks where sprouts will be sold under "Nutri Sprouts" brand name.

Greenfield Foundation will manage these Kiosks, provide supplies including sprouts, plates, plastic spoons, salad dressings etc, required and ensure that each operation is in compliance of Health Department and Municipality permits etc.


Based on the sales of 50, 100 AND 150 grams plates’ sprouts salad (5 Kg. sprouts) and soft drinks etc, the hired sub-contractor will earn income of Rs. 100.00 (One hundred) per person, per working day.


- Year around employment creation to help financially and motivate Deaf & Mutes to live better life.

- Provide organically grown nutritional healthy food at low cost to students and consumers.


Proposed design of Kiosk of Salad Bar Counter for employment generation for Deaf & Mutes
(Sponsor's and Implementing agency's logo & name will be on the place of NABARD & School For Deaf-Mutes Society)

Financial Assistance requirements:

Rs. 20,000 or US$ 500 for Conventional Powered Kiosk with salad bar counter.

Rs. 40,000 or US$ 1000 for Solar Powered Kiosk with salad bar counter– Donor can have 100% tax deduction on the first year. (Indian laws)

Possible locations: University, Colleges, Schools, Office areas, public places like Railway & bus stations, food courts in Ahmedabad. 

sprouts of your choice!

Leafy sprouts.

Alfalfa               Barley               Clover

Onionn               Mustard               Wheat

Corn Fenugreek (Methi)

Bean sprouts

Kidney Beans               Lentil               Mung Beans

Sesame               Sunflower               Check Peas

Pea               Pumpkin               Rice

Wheat Grass Juice

Drinking water pouches

Packed Fruit Juice

Turn-key projects available under Micro Finance

Goat Breeding- Rabbit breeding - Dairy farming - Vegetables -  Medicinal plants - Reforestation - Beekeeping






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